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  • Minking Chyu



    Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, University of Minnesota

    Experience: Carnegie Mellon University, University of Pittsburgh

    Email: mkchyu@scupi.cn

  • TsunZee Mai

    Associate Dean for Academic Affairs


    Ph. D., Computational Mathematics, University of Texas, Austin

    Experience: University of Alabama, Texas A&M University

    Email: tmai@scupi.cn

  • Wei (Ivy) Chen

    Associate Dean for Administration

    Associate Professor

    Ph.D., Management Science and Engineering, Sichuan University

    Experience: Sichuan University

    Email: chenwei@scupi.cn

  • Yousef Faraj

    Associate Professor

    PhD, Chemical Engineering, University of Leeds

    Experience: University of Leeds

  • Saeed Ghalambor

    Assistant Professor

    Ph. D., Mechanical Engineering, University of Texas

    Email: sam.ghalambor@scupi.cn

  • Xiangchong Huang


    Ph.D., Materials Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

    AvH Scholar (Alexander von Humboldt Foundation)

    Distinguished Young Scholars of Sichuan University

    Email: chxhuang@scu.edu.cn

  • Tony Ho

    Assistant Professor

    Ph.D., Mathematics, University of California, Irvine

    Email: zh_ho01@scupi.cn

  • Joel Haight

    Associate Professor

    Ph.D., Industrial and Systems Engineering, Auburn University

    Email: jhaight@pitt.edu

  • David Jeffrey


    M.A., TEFL/TESL, University of Birmingham

    Email: davidjeffrey@scupi.cn

  • Yun (Liz) Li

    Assistant Professor

    Ph.D., Economics, Syracuse University

    Experience: Bucnell University, Southwestern University of Finance and Economics

    Email: lizyunli@scupi.cn

  • Surya Liman

    Associate Professor

    Ph. D., Mechanical Engineering, University of Florida

  • Ta-Ping (Robert) Lu

    Associate Professor

    Ph.D., Industrial Engineering, Purdue University

  • James McDougall

    Associate Professor

    Ph.D., English, University of Florida

    Email: jmcdoug@scupi.cn

  • Dmitry Polyakov


    Ph. D., Physics, Rutgers University

    Experience: Rutgers University, Helsinki University, American University of Beirut

    Email: polyakov@scupi.cn

  • Xinfeng (Kevin) Quan

    Assistant Professor

    Ph. D., Chemistry, University of Pittsburgh

    Experience: University of Pittsburgh

    Email: xinfengq@scupi.cn

  • John Rhym

    Assistant Professor

    Ph.D., English (Critical and Cultural Studies), University of Pittsburgh


  • Thomas Rowley

    Assistant Professor

    MBA, Finance, University of Pittsburgh

    Experience: Chinese National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC) Group


  • Richard Stehle

    Assistant Professor

    Ph. D., Mechanical Engineering, University of Florida

    Experience: US Dept. of Energy, National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL)

    Email: richardstehle@scupi.cn

  • Qing-Ming Wang


    Ph.D,  Materials, The Pennsylvania State University

    Experience: University of Pittsburgh


  • Yijing Yin

    Assistant Professor

    Ph. D., Mechanical Engineering, University of Miami

    Experience: US Dept. of Energy, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), Bluestone Global Tech, University of Florida, University of Miami

    Email: yijing@scupi.cn

  • Jangho Yoon

    Assistant Professor

    Ph. D., Aerospace Engineering, University of Oklahoma

    Experience: University of Oklahoma, California Polytechnic State University, Seoul National University of Science & Technology

    Email: janghoyoon@scupi.cn

  • Zheng Yang

    Assistant Professor

    Ph.D., Mathematics, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

    Email: inteyang@scupi.cn

  • Lulu (Teresa) Zhang

    Associate Professor

    Coordinator of Academic Writing, Wu Yuzhang Honors College, Sichuan University

    Experience: Sichuan University

    Email: zhanglulu@scupi.cn