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  • Wei (Vivi) Tang

    Director of Administration

    M.A., Applied Developmental and Educational Psychology, Boston College

    M.A., Administration, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

    B.A., International Economics and Trade & B.A., English, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

  • Dong Liang

    Director for Technical Services

    M.S., Mechanical Engineering, National Institute of Applied Sciences in France

    B.S., Northwestern Polytechnical University, Flight Vehicle Manufacture Engineering

  • Kaixi (Cathy) Chen

    Student Counselor of Class 2016

    M.A., Foreign Languages and Literature, Southwest Jiaotong University

    B.A., English, Southwest Jiaotong University

    B.A., Public Management, Southwest Jiaotong University

  • Yuxi (Euphy) He

    Academic Affairs

    M.A.,Teaching English as a Second Language, the University of British Columbia

    B.A., English, Beijing Normal University

  • Zilin (Zoey) He

    Human Resources

    M.S., International Human Resource Management (and Comparative Industrial Relations), University of Manchester

    B.M., Organizational Behaviors, University of Science Malaysia

  • Yansi (Frances) Hou

    General Administrator

    M.A., Educational Psychology, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

    B.A., German, Chongqing University

  • Senbao Lin


    M.S., Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Illinois Institute of Technology

    B.S., Process Equipment and Control Engineering, Sichuan University

  • Liu Liu


    M.A., Materials science, Sichuan University

    B.A., Resource recycling science and engineering, Northeastern University

  • Qiao (Alex) Sun

    Academic Affairs

    M.A., Literature in Linguistics and Applied Linguistics in Foreign Languages, Sichuan University

    B.A., English, Sichuan University

    B.A., Finance, Sichuan University

  • Xinglin (Gavin) Tang

    Human Resources

    M.A., Master of Business Administration, Sichuan University

    B.A., Physics, Sichuan Normal University & State University of New York

  • Jingjing Wang

    Financial Administrator

    M.S., Accounting, Finance and Management, University of Bristol

    B.B.A., Financial Management, Sichuan Agricultural University

  • Siyi (Aviva) Wu

    Academic Affairs

    M.S., Public Relations, Syracuse University

    B.A., Broadcasting and Hosting, Sichuan Normal University

  • Xiaowen (Xaviera) Xu

    Academic Affairs

    M.A., Policy Studies in Education, University College London

    B.A., Public Administration, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China

  • Fan (Fannie) Yang

    Student Counselor of Class 2017

    M.S., Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, the University of Edinburgh

    B.A., Chinese Languages and Literature, Southwest Jiaotong University

    B.B.M., Business Management, Southwest Jiaotong University

  • Yuchen (Jen) Yang

    Student Counselor of Class 2018

    M.A.,Public Policy, the University of Michigan

    B.A., Education, Beijing Normal University

  • Li (Leah) Zeng

    Academic Affairs

    M.S., information system management, Hong Kong University of science and technology

    B.A., Accounting, Indiana University Bloomington-Kelley school of business

  • Rong (Judy) Zhu

    Student Counselor of Class 2019

    M.A., Global Environment Policy, American University

    M.E., Food Science, Renmin University of China

    B.S., Environmental Science, Renmin University of China