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Sichuan University – Pittsburgh Institute Scholarships are merit-based and awarded strictly based on students’ annual academic performance and overall comprehensive competence. Scholarships are available to qualified students. Types of scholarships include: government scholarships, business/corporate sponsored scholarships, and scholarships funded by SCUPI.

SCUPI Scholarships

★ SCUPI Best Academic Achiever Award
This award is presented to the student with the highest academic performance of the year. It is awarded annually by the Dean’s office.

★ Student of the Year
This award is presented to one well-rounded student having a GPA of 3.5 or above, who has made great achievements in extracurricular activities, leadership skill development, research and innovation, or arts and voluntary activities, and has also made outstanding contributions to the institute, university and/or the community.

★ Academic Stars
This award is presented to those students whose academic performance is in the top 1% of their class. It is awarded annually by the Dean’s office.

★ Dean’s List
This award is presented annually to those students who earn a 3.5 GPA, or higher. The number of students does not exceed 10% of their class.

SCU Scholarships and National Scholarships

SCU provides Outstanding-Student Scholarship for all SCU students such as National Scholarship, Excellent Student Scholarship, First Prize, Second Prize, and Third Prize Scholarships.


Students are eligible for applying for institute and university scholarships must meet the following requirements:

– To honor the Constitution, the law, and regulations.

–  To accept university management discipline.

– To work hard and complete assigned tasks.

– To honor the code of conduct, respect elders and teachers, form good moral habits and behavior.

– To actively participate in various community activities, voluntary and social practice as wells innovative and technological events to enrich college experience and develop transferable skills.

– Pass all compulsory courses within the academic year.

– No disciplinary warning within the academic year.

– Obtain passing or above grade in code of conduct evaluation.