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Student life programs at SCUPI are designed to meet a broad range of student needs. SCUPI student organizations include: Communist Youth League (CYL), Student Council, and Class Council. Student Council is an Americanized student organization that offers students opportunities to connect with SCUPI’s community, as well as leadership positions and teamwork. Through various programs, such as the Thanksgiving Party, students explore and experience western culture and traditions.


Communist Youth League

The Communist Youth League (CYL) of SCUPI is a key organization not only promoting the construction of SCUPI but guiding students’ organizations actively develop. CYL of SCUPI is primarily responsible for cooperating with Sichuan University to hold school league activities regularly, and leading clubs to organize colorful extra-curricular activities. The Youth Communist League, the student council, and the class council cooperate tightly to assure our institute’s daily work with efficiency and order. Now, three secretaries lead the organization and it successfully held a debate competition and visited the history Museum of Sichuan University last semester. CYL is dedicated to creating a vibrant atmosphere for SCUPIANS and enriching students’ lives.


SCUPI Student Council

SCUPI Student Council is a western-style student organization, aiming to construct a harmonious atmosphere within the institute. The organization is obligated to plan and hold abundant activities, ranging from the Halloween Party to the Christmas Party, to offer the students in SCUPI a colorful campus life. Also, acting as a link to other institute in Sichuan University is another responsibility of the Council.

It consists of five departments: Council Affairs, Programming Coordinate, Finance, Programming Outreach and Marketing. Every department links tightly to each other and the leaders of each department hold meetings together to discuss the daily activities for SCUPI biweekly. To promote democracy, before the decision making, there always exists a vote to guarantee that the decision is reasonable and meets with the requirement of students.

SCUPIANS elect their students leaders, and all of the Student Council members undergo interviews conducted by advisors. The student leaders are enthusiastic to serve for the institute and students. Hence, this is an organization with a high degree of autonomy, and most of their affairs are dealt with by the students themselves.

SCUPI Student Council, consistently, supports the work of faculty and provides a harmonious environment for students to develop themselves.

Class Council

SCUPI is a western-style institute, but it still has Chinese style, too. Class Council, which is very common in universities all around China, is a bridge between students and faculty and an inalienable part of SCUPI.

SCUPIANS will be divided into several parts when they enter SCUPI, and every class will have their own Class Assistant, Academic Assistant, Resident Assistant and PE Assistant. Members of Class Council are elected, and the successful candidates then will try their best to make SCUPIANS feel at home. For instance, in the first year of SCUPI, SCUPIANS are in two different classes for Engineering, Calculus, Physics learning. Their assistants together with themselves prepare for many activities well in SCU and finish many things around their life. SCUPIANS are in twenty study groups for group learning, which can promote student learning and achievement, as well as with enhanced social skills and interactions. In Study Groups, students from diverse backgrounds are provided with the opportunity to be heard carefully, share experiences and perspectives, and to participate in unique ways. Class Council is also in charge of classroom management and the assistants will take care of the teaching equipment in the classroom at the same time.

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