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All applicants are required to take the National College Entrance Examination and apply for programs offered by Sichuan University – Pittsburgh Institute. Applicants are required to reach the first-class university admission line and are selected based primarily on academic performance. 


Annual Tuition Fee in SCUPI for Academic Year 2023-2024: 65,000 RMB, Accommodation Fee in SCUPI: 1,200 RMB.
 *Fees may be changed based on Sichuan University and the University of Pittsburgh’s yearly finance policy.


Computer Science(CS)

Computer Science students will study a scientific-practical approach to computers and their applications. Besides the basic knowledge of natural sciences such as mathematics, students will master the basic theory and relevant skills of computer sciences. Examples of what students will learn include computer systems, programming languages, computing theory, algorithms, databases, data analysis, etc. Jobs in computing and information technology are in high demand and offer high job satisfaction. Students with a degree in computer science are qualified to pursue a career in a wide variety of computing careers, such data analysis, data mining and data processing in information companies, industrial and commercial enterprises, financial institutions, scientific research institutes, government departments, etc. Our graduates could also be engaged in research as well as design work in the fields of games, interactive entertainment, film and television animation, and new media.

Electrical and Computer Engineering(ECE)

Students majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering will learn basic theoretical knowledge and practical skills in electronic circuit design, semiconductor devices, signal processing and control, electromagnetics and power systems. They will receive systematic training in scientific research and experimental practice. Students will develop an ability to solve complex electrical engineering problems by applying the knowledge of engineering, science, and mathematics.

Industrial Engineering (IE)

Industrial Engineers improve the productivity and quality of integrated engineering systems. Such systems deal with machines, human beings, information, computers, and other resources. A variety techniques are used to design and operate these systems in the best way possible. Industrial engineering is a discipline offering a wide array of employment opportunities. The IE curriculum at SCUPI focuses on building the student’s capabilities in systems analysis and design in ways that cross traditional disciplinary lines to meet the demands of today’s dynamic social systems.

Mechanical Engineering (ME)

Mechanical engineers utilize the principles of force, energy, and motion. They apply these principles to the design and manufacture of a wide range of engineering systems and the processes underlying these systems. Mechanical engineers play significant roles in developing many products and devices such as power plants, automobiles, aircraft, medical devices, and energy systems. ME students may specialize in various tracks, including system control and dynamics, thermal-fluid sciences, design and manufacturing, bio-medical engineering, computational mechanics, micro and nanosystems, and nuclear engineering.

Materials Science and Engineering (MSE)

Materials scientists and engineers have abundant and broad career opportunities in the emerging fields of electronics, telecommunication, aeronautics and aerospace, energy, biomedicine, and nanotechnology. Students majoring in this field will acquire training from a number of disciplines, including physics, chemistry, and general engineering. Materials scientists and engineers apply their knowledge to better our lives in a variety of ways, for example, in developing new materials, improving existing materials, and developing new material production processes.

培养模式 Degree Programs


Students who choose 4+0 program will finish their four year undergraduate education at SCUPI (inner Sichuan University Campus). Sichuan University will award a Bachelor of Engineering degree to qualified students who graduate from SCUPI, and all students in this program will receive an institute certificate upon completing their studies


Students in this program will finish their education with two years at SCUPI and two years at University of Pittsburgh. Students who participate in this program will earn a bachelor’s degree from both Sichuan University and the University of Pittsburgh. Qualified students will be able to continue their graduate studies at Pitt or elsewhere.



Students will finish their education with three years at SCUPI and one year at University of Pittsburgh. Same as 2+2 program, students who participate in 3+1 program will earn a bachelor’s degree from both Sichuan University and the University of Pittsburgh. Qualified students will be able to continue their graduate studies at Pitt or elsewhere.