English Training Program

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A major educational mission of SCUPI is to help our students reach a high level of fluency in English, including conversational, professional, and technical aspects. To this end, we provide rigorous English training, using an intensive program developed with partners at the University of Pittsburgh.  We are also developing collaborations with the Pitt English department to provide additional opportunities for students to improve their English speaking, writing, and comprehension. SCUPI students do all of their work in English, and practice speaking and giving presentations from their earliest classes in the first year.

Students also attend an “English Boot Camp”, an intensive program designed to ensure student success on examinations (e.g., the TOEFL) required to study abroad. SCUPI also arranges packaged programs in the form of seminars, workshops, and group study activities, to promote and encourage the students’ global competitiveness. These programs include cultural adaptation, leadership development, interpersonal skills training, etc., with the goal of enabling the student’s future role as global citizens.

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