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        At the SCUPI Writing Center we hold that writing is an indispensable means of communication as well as a powerful mode for creating new ideas. Writing well will not only lead to success in university, but to success in life. We believe that through practice, collaborative interaction, and attention to process writers can achieve their goals. Due to our unique situation in an English Medium of Instruction (EMI) institution, the SCUPI Writing Center understands the needs of ESL writers and is committed to whole-language solutions to language acquisition for assist in the improvement of written communication. The service that the SCUPI Writing Center provides, reflects SCUPI’s dedication to excellence in higher education and outstanding achievement in teaching and research.

About Us

The mission of the Sichuan University-Pittsburgh Institute (SCUPI) Writing Center is to assist undergraduate and graduate writers in the Sichuan University community to become more proficient communicators in English. We accomplish this mission by housing the English Writing Program and oversees undergraduate curriculum of course offerings and tutorials in writing modeled on the University of Pittsburgh Writing Program. In addition, the SCUPI Writing Center offers academic support through one-on-one or small group writing consultation sessions for all language-related issues.


The Writing Center offers 30-minute consultation sessions to the SCU community. Students can make appointments via an online appointment system or by dropping in, individually or in small groups. Students can sign up for two sessions per week, not including their ENG 151 tutorial. Additional sessions can be granted with the agreement of the Writing Center director. Normal sessions will be based on staff and peer consulting where student writing and goals are the focus. These sessions will help students identify global- and sentence-level issues in student writing with an emphasis on writing as a process. Students can also attend consultations to prepare  presentations, digital compositions, review course readings, or practice their oral English. While support and feedback are offered during the consultation, the SCUPI Writing Center does not edit or proofread student papers, but rather helps to provide students with resources and skills to improve their own writing.

English Writing Program Curriculum

SCUPI English Writing Program courses are process-based and student-centered that employ an active learning pedagogy to enable students to write fluently and accurately across professional, academic, and personal genres, and to use writing as a form of expression as well as a mode of thinking and problem solving.

English Corner

The SCUPI Writing Center in conjunction with the SCUPI Student English Association host an English Corner every Monday evening from 7-8pm in Zone 3, Room 101. Every week the Writing Center team will organize activities, discussions, presentations, and performances for the entire SCUPI community to enjoy.

Freshman Cup English Writing Competition

Freshman Cup English Writing Competition is a featured program launched jointly by SCUPI and Pitt Writing Center, with the ambition of enriching English training methodology, enhancing students' English composition and communication ability as well as discovering talented students. SCUPI invite authoritative experts and professors both at home and overseas to give guidance and instructions on candidates' composition and public speech throughout the competition.

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