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Co-op program

Cooperative education program (Co-op & Internship): The Co-op & Internship program is a work-study opportunity modeled after the University of Pittsburgh existing co-op program. This program is a cooperative endeavor between SCUPI and industry that emphasizes both study and internship. SCUPI provides comprehensive and in-depth career development guidance for students throughout their four-year undergraduate program. This is achieved through a series of career planning activities, including internships, industry visits, resume revisions, mock interviews, job search skills, and workplace exploration. These activities aim to enhance the employment capabilities and long-term sustainable development of SCUPI students. Additionally, SCUPI actively engages with leading industry organizations and relevant companies to facilitate the establishment of training and practice bases, joint laboratories, and explore opportunities for collaboration between the university and industry. Furthermore, SCUPI invites multiple Fortune 500 companies to campus for exchanges and in-depth discussions, contributing to the continuous improvement of talent development quality.