Congratulations! Bill Mengren Liu was Admitted to the Ph.D. Program of MIT!
Overseas SCUPIans Joined the Online Commencement Ceremony for the Class of 2020 in Pitt
A Snapshot on the First Week Online Teaching of Sichuan University-Pittsburgh Institute
  • eaching Seminar of 2022 spring term in Sichuan University- Pittsburgh Institute (SCUPI) led by Dr. Robin Cunningham was held on this Friday, April 1st in Room 204, Zone 4, Liberal Arts Building. 
  • On March 17, the Department of International Cooperation and Exchanges of the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China announced the approval of two new undergraduate majors proposed by SCUPI–Computer Science (Major Code: 080901H) and Electrical and Computer Engineering (Major Code: 080701H).
  • Recently, Sichuan University has carried out the mid-term inspection meeting for the “New Century higher education innovation research (Phase IX)” projects. The inspection meeting for projects from Sichuan University – Pittsburgh Institute (SCUPI) was called by Prof. James McDougall from SCUPI Writing Center.

Sichuan University - Pittsburgh Institute

Sichuan University-Pittsburgh Institute (SCUPI) is a new academic entity jointly established by Sichuan University (SCU) and the University of Pittsburgh (Pitt). SCUPI is a realization of the new archetype of institute-scale, collaborative entities between leading universities in the U.S. and China. More