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Freshman Cup English Writing Competition

Published on: March 25, 2019 | Views: 5389

Freshman Cup English Writing Competition


Talent with global competency has been regarded as one of the core elements for building a world-class university, where writing ability is expected to be a key capacity for a world-class college student. Enhanced writing ability not only facilitates high-level capacity in logic thinking and information searching, but enables students to widen professional knowledge and foster adaptability and innovation as well, which lay the foundation for exploring frontier fields and managing cutting-edge information, and also pave the way for intelligence competition in the era of globalization.

About Us

In this scenario and backed up by the Writing Center, SCUPI launched Freshman Cup English Writing Competition in Fall 2018 that was open to all freshmen from SCU’s science, engineering, medicine and business schools. The competition has been equipped with the ambition of enriching English training methodology, enhancing students' English composition and communication ability as well as discovering talented students. In this