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Creating the Magic Moments in Class

Published on: December 2, 2021 | Views: 833

The second Teaching Seminar of 2021 fall term – “Magic Moments in Class” – led by Dr. Grace Qizhi Chen was held on Friday, Nov 26th in room 4-204.

Dr. Chen shared her teaching philosophy in the interactive class. First, the instructor can encourage students to use associative learning method which requires them to find out connections between textbook knowledge and daily life. Second, the instructor can use learning psychology to facilitate students’ learning in class.

From Newton’s apple tree to Elbert Einstein’s elevator, Dr. Chen believes that connections between scientific theories and daily life could help students to understand the textbook knowledge. Explaining problems in class by using daily items is the most common way in Dr. Chen’s teaching. By doing so, she is able to attract students’ attention as well as to encourage them to create their own connections between daily life and scientific knowledge.

Dr. Chen also introduced her teaching methods based on learning psychology, including 10% rule, 10-minute rule, 5-bullet-point rule, visualization rule and so forth to facilitate effective teaching.

The 10% rule, for instance, means that in a 45-minute lecture, most students can only remember 10%-15% of the content. Dr. Chen found out that helping students preview and review the learning contents at the beginning and end of each class can improve learning effects to 50%.

In the rest of the seminar, faculty members had a heated discussion and claimed to be inspired by Dr. Chen’s innovative teaching philosophy.

This was the second teaching seminar in this term. To continuously improve our teaching, there will be one more teaching seminar on December 23rd led by SCUPI Writing Center. The topic is strategies and tactics for teaching in an EMI (English as a Medium of Instruction).

Author | Joanna Peng

Editor | Euphy He