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B.S. in Mechanical Engineering (ME)


Consistent with the criteria set by ABET, the overall educational objective of the undergraduate program in SCUPI is to educate students with excellent technical capabilities in the mechanical engineering discipline and related fields who will be responsible citizens and continue their professional advancement through life-long learning.


As practicing engineers, our graduates should be able to:

a. Apply sound design methodology in multidisciplinary fields of mechanical engineering.

b. Competently use mathematical methods, engineering analysis, and measurement and instrumentation techniques.

c. Employ effective oral and written communication skills.

d. Understand the environmental, ethical, diversity, cultural, and contemporary aspects of their work.

e. Work collaboratively and effectively in engineering and manufacturing industries.

f. Assume positions of professional leadership in industry and government.


ENGL 0010 English for Multilingual Students (Syllabus: ENGL0010),

ENGL 0020 English Composition (Syllabus: ENGL0020),

ENGL 0030 Technical and Professional Writing (Syllabus: ENGL0030),

MATH 0230 Analytical Geometry and Calculus 2 (Syllabus: MATH0230),

MATH 0240 Analytical Geometry and Calculus 3 (Syllabus: MATH0240),

MATH 0280 Matrices and Linear Algebra (Syllabus: MATH0280),

MATH 0290 Differential Equations (Syllabus: MATH0290),

PHYS 0174 Physics for Science and Engineering 1 (Syllabus: PHYS0174),

PHYS 0175 Physics for Science and Engineering 2 (Syllabus: PHYS0175),

MEMS 0024 Introduction to Mechanical Engineering Design (Syllabus: ME0024),

IE1052 Manufacturing Processes and Analysis (Syllabus: IE1052),

IE 1070 Probability and Statistics for Engineers 1 (Syllabus: IE1070),

ENGR 0011 Introduction to Engineering (Syllabus: ENGR0011),

ENGR 0012 Engineering computing (Syllabus: ENGR0012),

ENGR 0022 Materials Structures and Properties (Syllabus: ENGR0022),

ENGR 0135 Statics and Mechanics of Materials 1 (Syllabus: ENGR0135),

ENGR 0145 Statics and Mechanics of Materials 2 (Syllabus: ENGR0145),

CHEM 0960 General Chemistry for Engineers 1 (Syllabus: CHEM0960),

CHEM 0970 General Chemistry for Engineers 2 (Syllabus: CHEM0970),

ECON 0100 Microeconomics (Syllabus: ECON0100),

ECON 0110 Macroeconomics (Syllabus: ECON0110),

Applied Thermodynamics, Applied Fluid Dynamics, Electric Circuits, Materials and Manufacturing, Mechanical Design, Mechanical Measurements.

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