Legal Affairs Specialist

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Legal Affairs Specialist

Published on: January 2, 2024 | Views: 248

Legal Affairs Specialist


• Draft and review important regulations for the Institute, ensuring the legality of the institutional rules.

• Coordinate with external lawyers and legal advisors, facilitating collaboration.

• Manage legal affairs related to both domestic and international aspects of the Institute.

• Assist in handling internal labor disputes within the Institute, supporting the Human Resources department.

• Develop standardized contract templates, review various contracts, and participate in drafting and negotiating major contracts.

• Coordinate internal and external resources to ensure the proper execution of contracts.

• Participate in handling significant incidents and assist relevant departments in post-incident procedures.

• Responsible for the storage, recording, and management of legal documents.

• Assist in internal control and audit activities in collaboration with finance and other relevant departments.

• Assist in international outreaches and collaborations’ legal procedures.

Minimum Qualifications

• Master’s degree or above in a relevant legal field.

• Over 2 years of experience in international legal affairs.

• Over 2 years of overseas experience.

• Proficiency in both Chinese and English as working languages.

• Familiarity with international legal business.

• Strong legal logical thinking and analytical skills, with the ability to address legal issues effectively.

• Team player with excellent interpersonal communication and coordination skills.

To apply

Please submit the following materials to . Please entitle your email as the following format: Job Title_Your Name.

1. A resume

2. A cover letter which outlines applicant’s professional goals and specific position(s) interested

3. Three professional references with telephone numbers or email addresses (if available)

Qualified candidates will be invited for interview at Sichuan University.

Application Deadline: Open until filled