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1. What is the difference between a degree received from SCUPI and one from Sichuan University?

2. How about the faculty at SCUPI?

3. What programs does SCUPI offer?

4. How much is tuition?

5. Where is SCUPI?

6. What is the total enrollment this year?

7. From which regions did SCUPI enroll students in 2015?

8. What is the admission standard?

9. Is it possible to transfer to other programs within the Institute?

10. What do the academic programs look like?

11. What are SCUPI graduates’ career prospects?

12. Is it possible for SCUPI graduates to be recommended for postgraduate programs?

13. What are SCUPI’s advantages compared to other institutes and programs at Sichuan University?

14. At Sichuan University, can students from SCUPI enjoy the same treatment as students from other colleges and schools at SCU?