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Class 2018 Matriculation Ceremony

Published on: September 30, 2018 | Views: 3217

On Friday, September 28, 2018, 2pm, the Matriculation Ceremony for the class 2018 was held at the International Conference Hall, third floor, Sichuan University (SCU) – The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Institute for Disaster Management and Reconstruction (IDMR).

Dr. Ivy Chen, Associate Dean for Administration of SCUPI hosted the matriculation ceremony

Dr. Shijing Yan, Vice President of SCU, Dr. Bin Liang, Vice President of SCU, Director of SCUPI, Dr. Minking Chyu, Dean of SCUPI, and Alumnus Joshua Xiang, Senior Vice President, Chief Technology Officer, CreditEase attended the ceremony. SCUPI faculty, staff, sophomore students, and parent representatives attended the ceremony to celebrate the class of 2018 with a total of 195 students beginning of their academic journey at SCUPI. Dr. Ivy Chen, Associate Dean for Administration of SCUPI hosted the matriculation ceremony.

SSoE U.S. Steel Dean James R. Martin showed a greeting video and warmly welcomed the new students

Dr. James R. Martin, U.S. Steel Dean of Swanson School of Engineering (SSoE), University of Pittsburgh (Pitt), showed a greeting video and warmly welcomed the new students on behalf of the University. Dean Martin sent his best wishes to the freshmen and encouraged SCUPI students to use the resources from two partnering universities to widen their horizon and become global citizens.

Dr. Shijing Yan, Vice President of SCU delivered a welcoming speech

Vice President Yan delivered a welcoming speech to congratulate the class of 2018 for becoming SCUPIANS. He also extended his appreciation for Pitt’s strong and consistent interest in exploring international education opportunities for students worldwide. He mentioned that while SCU has been working hard to become a world’s first-rate university in the past years, SCU offers great support and resources to pioneer SCUPI a unique international collaborative institute. He urged the class of 2018 to develop skills in fostering active learning, critical thinking and innovation.

Dr. Bin Liang, Vice President of SCU congratulated the class of 2018

Vice President Liang congratulated the students of class 2018 on their outstanding performance on the National College Entrance Exam (Gaokao) and was delighted that they chose to join SCUPI. He mentioned that students not only have a flexible choice among three majors relevant to advanced and sustainable manufacturing but can also work as interns or co-ops among 11 established partnerships with multi-national companies and organizations. He also praised the quality of SCUPI’s students. Over the past three years, more than 40 students have won individual or group awards in the field of robot, mathematical modeling, physics, engineering design, STEM-themed English speech, and Innovation & Entrepreneurship competitions at the collegiate, provincial, national and international levels.

Alumnus Joshua Xiang, Sr. VP, CTO, CreditEase delivered a keynote speech

As a distinguished alumnus representing Pitt to the Ceremony, Mr. Joshua Xiang began his speech by conveying his best wishes to the class of 2018. He urged the students to develop soft skills as well as the ability for innovation and social practice. To share his own campus-life experience at Pitt, he offered the 2018 freshmen four keywords: Proactive, Innovative, Trust-worthy and Teamwork.

Student representatives signed the Matriculation Book

On behalf of all the 2018 freshmen, eight student representatives approached the stage, took the oath of the Honor Code, and signed the Matriculation Book. Subsequently, 36 student representatives went on the stage and shook hands with Vice President Yan, Vice President Liang, Mr. Xiang and Dean Chyu, officially commencing their college lives.

Siyuan Ma delivered a speech on behalf of all the 2018 freshmen

Student representative Siyuan Ma, majoring in Industrial Engineering, delivered a speech on behalf of all the 2018 freshmen. This is followed by Dean Chyu’s greetings to the freshmen. Dean Chyu urged the freshmen to be self-motivated, honest, and good team players. He then announced the scholarship winners of the class 2017, which included the Best Academic Achiever, the Student of the Year, the Academic Stars, and the Dean’s List. Mengren (Bill) Liu, the winner of Best Academic Achiever, a sophomore majoring in Materials Science and Engineering, delivered a speech on behalf of all the scholarship awardees.

Dr. Minking Chyu, Dean of SCUPI announced the scholarship awardees of class 2017

Group photo of scholarship awardees with attending guests and SCU leadership

Mengren Liu delivered a speech on behalf of 2017 scholarship awardees

Group photo – IE, class of 2018


As the last program of the ceremony, all freshmen across three majors took photos with all attending guests and faculty. A reception was held after the photo session, providing an opportunity for students and parents to interact with faculty, staff and guests. The ceremony ended at 4 pm.


Translator: Cathy

Editor: Vivi & Eve