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Together with Airbus in China, to Create a Better Future

Published on: June 23, 2023 | Views: 1259

On June 19, 2023, representatives from Airbus in China, Shudong YANG, Business Development Director, Gabriele Frazzoli , HO People Operations Asia Pacific, Yue ZHANG, HRBP, Xiazhu ZHANG, HO Develop, Transformation & Digital Airbus China, Mengdi JIAO, Phoenix Project HR Leader, Wenjing ZHU, HR Digital & Performance Management visited the Institute. They held discussions with the leadership team of Sichuan University-Pittsburgh Institute (SCUPI), including Dr. Minking Chyu, Dean of SCUPI, Dr. TZ Mai, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Dr. Kang Li, Associate Dean for Research, Dr. Ye Li, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, Ms. Wei Tang, Director of Administration, as well as faculty representatives Dr. Shijie Bian, Dr. Shan Gong, Dr. Yang Liu, Dr. Qi Lu, Dr. Kunpeng Wang, Dr. Dong Liang, Director for Lab Services, Wenxi Mou, Director for Career Advising, and Shuang Xue, Career Advisor.

During the meeting, Dean Chyu introduced the development process, distinctive programs, student outcomes, teaching and research initiatives of SCUPI. Xiazhu Zhang provided an overview of Airbus China’s basic situation and business. Gabriele Frazzoli shared information about the Chengdu SATIRE project. SATIRE provides aircraft parts distribution services to manufacturers and offers comprehensive and innovative fleet services to both manufacturers and end customers. Additionally, Airbus Material fulfills the obligations of an aircraft manufacturer by providing Airbus material support services and is the sole procurement channel for Airbus patented parts.

Subsequently, representatives from outstanding groups participating in the 2023 Senior Project Symposium , namely Benning Fu, Yuanye Dong, Junce Pu, and Yujie Li, presented their Senior Design posters  in English, showcasing the achievements of future engineers at SCUPI.

The Senior Design Project at SCUPI is a key component that demonstrates the Institute’s vision for international engineering education and the innovative cultivation of undergraduate talents. In each Senior Design Project, a team of 2-4 students, under the guidance of faculty, creatively applies their disciplinary or interdisciplinary knowledge and skills to complete relevant engineering tasks over at least one academic year. The Senior Design Project comprehensively evaluates students’ abilities in time management, teamwork, risk management, problem-solving, as well as their academic habits, English writing, and oral communication skills.

Following that, both parties engaged in enthusiastic discussions regarding internships, employment, research innovation, curriculum design, career planning, enhancing employability, and the integration of academia and industry. They aim to provide more resources for the growth and development of students at the Institute and support Airbus China’s green and sustainable talent development strategy.

After the meeting, the participants visited the new building of SCUPI at the Jiang’an South Campus.

In the afternoon, the HR team from Airbus China conducted one-on-one mock interviews with twelve SCUPI students from the first to the fourth year. The students who participated in the interviews received unanimous praise from HR for their fluent English communication skills, rigorous logical thinking abilities, and solid professional foundations.

To help students enhance their employability, Gabriele Frazzoli and the HR team divided the attending students into four groups. Through group collaboration and discussion, they explored how to match the needs of companies and talents, how to align their resumes with job requirements, and how to stand out in interviews. The atmosphere was lively, and the attending students benefited greatly from the discussions.

The event also invited Shudong Yang to introduce Airbus China’s business and strategic development, as well as the first global Aircraft Whole Life-cycle Service Center in Chengdu.

Moving forward, both parties will implement the details of their collaboration, working together to empower SCUPI students to become future engineers with a sense of mission and responsibility.