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To distinguish the reality of quizzes, only debate can unmask it

Published on: June 2, 2016 | Views: 1650

SCUPI successfully held a debate in room 216 at 7:00 pm, March 20th . The debate centered on the theme of “Should we have quizzes in physics classes or not?” This competition helped to create an atmosphere of pursuing the truth and enhance the logical thinking of students.

Competitors made adequate preparation for this event. The negative-side competitors, in particular, conducted a survey for argument. The whole competition was designed in four parts: establishing a standpoint, developing the standpoint, debating freely, and concluding the remarks. Under the guidance of the host, the competition was conducted smoothly. Competitors threw out wonderful points and convincing arguments frequently to specify their points. During the debate, competitors’ humor produced a lot of laughter. At the end of debate, the negative-side competitors seized on flaws of the positive-side competitors, while positive-side competitors were thrown into confusion. Finally, according to the competition process, the negative side triumphed by garnering votes from the audience.

We had the great honor to invite Prof. Quan to judge. He spoke highly of the competitors first. Then he made some comments on the whole process. Strengths and weaknesses were pointed out while some constructive advice was given.

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