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The Treep

Published on: June 2, 2016 | Views: 1737

SCUPI, together with the Student Council, held “The Treep” on March 11th, 2016. All of our young volunteers at SCUPI attended this activity and volunteered between 1pm and 5pm at Xincheng Park.

Every volunteer had a basic knowledge of seeding. They cooperated with each other perfectly in the process of sowing. They all concentrated on their work and paid every effort to seed flowers, which will create a beautiful scene in the park.

With the approach of Arbor Day, The Treep not only responded to the call of “Arbor Day” enthusiastically, but also cultivated an environmentally friendly life style for volunteers. With individual effort from every volunteer, this cooperation enhanced the cohesive force of our team.

There were still some imperfections in this activity. The actual location and the circumstances of the planting site were unexpected. But everything went well after those initial challenges. As a whole, students benefited a lot from this event. The Treep of SCUPI is only one of a series of voluntary activities. This event is just one step for SCUPIANS on the journey of becoming responsible citizens of world.