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The First SCUPI 2021 Spring Term Teaching Seminar

Published on: April 1, 2021 | Views: 331

On March 25, 2021, at 12:40pm, the first Teaching Seminar of the 2021 Spring Term was held in Zone 4-203 of the Liberal Arts Building at the Jiang’an Campus. Led by Assistant Professor Kevin Quan, this seminar reviewed the basics of daily teaching, including the making of PowerPoint slides, test design, preventing misbehavior in quizzes and exams, and the promotion of active learning in teaching practice. The discussion mainly focused on two active learning activities: Think-Pair-Share and studio work. The former is an effective way to encourage students’ participation in class and increase their enthusiasm. The key of Think-Pair-Share is asking students to think independently before a discussion to maximize their participation and to avoid the group discussion becoming a speech only for “excellent students”. In addition, studio work can not only effectively improve the students’ motivation and communication ability, but also enable teachers to better identify the students’ problems during the learning process and then provide to-the-point suggestions.

Aiming at continuously improving our faculty’s teaching abilities, the upcoming teaching seminars of this semester will explore further active learning and heuristic methods of teaching.

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