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The 2024 SCUPItacular Night Successfully Concluded

Published on: May 30, 2024 | Views: 274

The 2024 SCUPItacular Night was successfully held at 18:30, May 24th, 2024, on the lawn of Jiang’an South Campus. SCUPI’s leaders, faculty, students, and alumni representatives attended the event.

SCUPItacular Night is a traditional event aimed at providing students with a platform to express themselves, showcasing the spirit of SCUPI, and recognizing individuals and groups who have achieved outstanding accomplishments in nonacademic fields. The event was dazzling with performances including bands, dances, rap, and choruses.

Opening Speech from Dean Chyu

At the beginning of the ceremony, Dean of SCUPI Professor Minking Chyu delivered a speech, reviewing the ten-year journey of SCUPI and sharing touching moments in its development. Dean Chyu underlined that with the concept of building a world-class university, SCUPI has been engaged in cultivating engineering talents with a broad international perspective and international competency. Dean Chyu also gave welcome and appreciation to all the teachers, students, and alumni. He hoped that the event would kick off the SCUPI’s tenth anniversary celebration, and wished the event a complete success.

SCUPItacular special video was played following the opening speech, showcasing students’ explorations and continuous progress. Since its establishment, SCUPI has always adhered to the “student-centered” philosophy, actively exploring and pioneering new models of cooperative education, and steadily moving forward on the path of cultivating new types of international engineering talents. SCUPIANs not only represent the results of the Institute’s education outcomes but also serve as ambassadors for the Institute on the international stage. The Institute’s achievement cannot be isolated from the efforts of every SCUPIAN, and future engineers will soar from here.

SCUPI Student Award (SSA)

The SCUPI Student Award (SSA) recognizes and rewards individuals and groups who have demonstrated outstanding performance in campus culture, community service, arts, and sports, with the aim to showcase their efforts and achievements in nonacademic fields, and to stimulate students’ innovation, leadership, and collaboration skills.

This year SSA presented 2 group and 9 individual awards. The “King & Queen” were also selected through on-site voting. Winners received their awards during the ceremony.

Winner List

Outstanding Program of the Year

Flora Music Festival

organized by

SCUPI Communist Youth League

Outstanding Organization of the Year

Class Council

Emerging Leader Award

Tengyue Zhang

Outstanding Leader Award

Zhentian Zhong

Innovative Engineer Award

Hongyu Piao

Community Contribution Award

Xingqiao Li

Athletic Talent Award

Yihang Yang

Artistic Talent Award

Yanzhu Chen

Diplomat Award

Jiaxuan Liu

King&Queen of the Year

Du Liu & Jingyi Zhou


The celebration also featured various performances, including bands, dances, rap, and choruses. Talented students showcased their abilities on stage, providing a visual feast with lively performances, uplifting melodies, and passionate involvement.

Representatives from student organizations, alumni, and faculty also performed group choruses. Their singing expressed their love for the SCUPI, longing for life, and hope for the future, pushing the ceremony to its climax.

Band Performance

Dance Performance 《River Dance》

Rap Performance 《Do not be afraid of getting old》

Singing Performance 《Rewrite the stars》

Dance Performance 《Worth it》

Singing Performance 《Perfect》

Singing Performance from Student Organizations

Singing Performance from Alumni Representatives

Singing Performance from Faculty & Staff Representatives

My Story with SCUPI

The event included an interactive section called “My Story with SCUPI”, inviting faculty, students, and alumni to share precious photos and unforgettable experiences, collectively reminiscing about their stories with SCUPI.

Story Sharing from Mr. Mo Xu

Story Sharing from Hongyang Xiao, Alumni from Class of 2022

Story Sharing from Yihang Yang, Student from Class of 2025

Story Sharing from Tianze Chen, Student from Class of 2027

Story Sharing from Career Advisor Ms. Michelle Xue

Story Sharing from SCUPI Director of Administration Ms. Vivi Tang

Story Sharing from Ziyang He, Student from Class of 2027

Story Sharing from Professor Yang Liu

Story Sharing from Zhihong Wang, Student from Class of 2026

Story Sharing from Pingtian Li, Alumni from Class of 2019

Lucky Draw

The ceremony also featured a lucky draw activty with abundant prizes, bringing joy and surprises to the audience.

Lucky Draw

At the end of the ceremony, all participants took a group photo. 2024 SCUPItacular Night concluded successfully. See you next year!