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The 2024 SCUPI Alumni Homecoming Event Was Successfully Held

Published on: June 4, 2024 | Views: 249

Relive the School Days and Maintain the Friendship Between Faculty and Students

In the beautiful early summer, the 2024 SCUPI Alumni Homecoming event was successfully held on May 24. This year coincides with the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the Institute, the Institute specially invited the past five years’ graduates to return to the school reunion, not only to provide alumni with an opportunity to return to their Alma mater and renew their youth, but also to provide a valuable exchange platform for alumni, faculty, and staff. The event kicked off at 12:30 p.m. at Jiang’an Campus of Sichuan University and lasted until the evening, with a warm and cheerful atmosphere.

At the beginning of the event, the alumni returned to the campus cafeteria after checking in and changing into customized T-shirts for the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the Institute in the Zone four of the Liberal Arts Building, Room 213. Tasty lunch, familiar environment, alumni enjoyed the food as well as relived the memories of youth together.

Alumni Gathered at the East Gate Canteen of Jiang’an Campus

After lunch, the alumni took the campus characteristic transportation “Little White Dragon” to follow the footprints of memories and visit the old place again. During the tour, everyone lamented the changes and development of the Alma mater, recalled the memory here, and many alumni took photos in the teaching building and dormitory building to recall the breath of youth.

Alumni Took the “Little White Dragon” to visit Jiang’an Campus

Afterwards, the alumni walked from the southeast gate of Jiang’an Campus to the new building of the Institute (Jiang’an South Campus of Sichuan University), and were warmly welcomed by the Institute mascot “Pipi” and the current students.

The alumni were given a guided tour of the modern new building. Through the field visit, the alumni further learned about the great progress made by the Institute in teaching and scientific research. During the visit, the alumni sat in the classroom to recall the scene of their own school days, and actively tried the equipment in the gym, lingering, have expressed admiration and affirmation for the development of the infrastructure of the new building of the Institute.

From 4 PM to 6 PM, the alumni sharing meeting was successfully held in the Multi-purpose Hall of the new building of the Institute, which culminated in the event. At the event, Minking Chyu, Dean of the Institute, and TZ Mai, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, delivered enthusiastic speeches, and interacted with alumni from all over the world through live streaming.

Dean Chyu Delivered an Opening Speech

TZ Mai Delivered a Welcome Speech

Afterwards, the alumni took on the stage to share their unforgettable memory at the Institute and their life experiences after graduation. They said that they were deeply impressed by the care and love of SCUPI for students, and they always recalled this loving family, and the broad platform of the Institute offered, and the influence of the professors were the cornerstone of their growth and success. Staff members also shared touching stories with students and recalled the sincere friendship between teachers and students. Those funny things triggered bursts of laughter from teachers and students present, and those affectionate memories made many people shed tears, and the atmosphere at the scene was sweet and touching.

Alumni and Faculty Sharing on Site

The sharing part also arranged a casual chatting and photo booth, during which the atmosphere was cordial, and the alumni came together to find their former teachers and take a photo. Afterwards, everyone took a group photo together to record the unforgettable moment. At the end of the event, Dean Chyu presented the alumni gift package to the alumni, which drew a hearty ending to today’s sharing meeting.

In addition, the event was held the same day with the “2024 SCUPItacular Night”, which provided a wonderful audio-visual feast for alumni. At the party, there were not only wonderful performances, but also talent shows from alumni. The atmosphere was joyful, and applause continued.

Alumni Performance

This SCUPI Alumni Homecoming event and the “2024 SCUPItacular Night” not only allowed alumni to relive their time on campus, but also strengthened the bonds between alumni and their Alma mater, alumni and faculty and staff. In the future, the Institute will continue to hold similar alumni activities to provide more opportunities for alumni to interact with their Alma mater.

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