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The 120th Anniversary of SCU

Published on: August 30, 2016 | Views: 1844

Located near Minshan Mountain and Emei Mountain and surrounded by the Jinjiang River, Sichuan University enjoys a great reputation and has nurtured numerous talents over the years. The university will celebrate its 120th anniversary in September 2016.
Sichuan University was established after three nationally important universities merged. These were the former Sichuan University, the former Chengdu University of Science and Technology and the former West China University of Medical Sciences. During its 120-year history, the university has built up a rich culture and solid education foundation that fuses elements from the West and the East. The university’s motto reads: The ocean is exclusive to embrace hundreds of rivers and greatness comes with an open mind. The university demands high levels of rigorousness, diligence and innovation from its students. Over the generations, students have developed their characters at the university, which prides itself on nurturing people with integrity, resolution and willingness to shoulder responsibilities. The university’s history also tells a story of how modern Chinese education institutes inherit tradition while pursuing innovation. The 120th anniversary serves as a golden opportunity to look back at history, display the university’s achievements and unite the alumni to seek further development. The university has created a committee to prepare for the celebration. The committee is comprised of well-known scholars, famous alumni and representatives from the university council, the alumni association and other relevant departments. Focusing on academics, a series of celebration activities will also be held to coordinate alumni and other social resources to improve the university’s education strengths, social influences and global reputation and to speed up building it into a fi rst-class comprehensive research-oriented university. Faculties and students, alumni at home and abroad, friends and foreign guests are all welcome to join the preparations for the 120th anniversary celebration. Celebrations will be held beside Wangjiang Pavilion, at the intelligent Huaxiba area, and along the picturesque Jiang’an River. The university hopes to contribute “the power of Sichuan University” to the rejuvenation of China and help build a bright future.