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Thanksgiving Party

Published on: May 11, 2016 | Views: 1389

Author: Li Ruoqi (Rocky)  Translator: Liang Meng (Mike)
On Thursday afternoon, November 26, 2015, SCUPI held a Thanksgiving party. Before the start of the party, all faculty and students wrote some heartfelt sentences on special cards, exchanged them with other members in the group, and then each group chose some touching cards. On the scene, students and faculty enjoyed the delicious food as well as chatting happily with each other. Everybody appreciated the warm atmosphere and the lovely wishes they received from other SCUPIans. Later on, the homemade “thanksgiving video” from SCUPIans pushed the party to a new high, which was humorous as well as emotional. Finally, the most touching card was chosen to be a gift to all faculty and students. And then the party closed on that happy note. Thanks to autumn for the harvest, thanks to our families for what they’ve given us, thanks to luck for our encounter with SCUPI—there are many things to be appreciated in one’s life. We appreciate everything whether we made it or not.

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