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SCUPI Lecture: Engineering Education Lecture

Published on: March 16, 2017 | Views: 1898

On Friday, March 10, Sichuan University-Pittsburgh Institute welcomed Dr. Qingming Wang, professor and director of the Graduate Program, Department of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Sciences, at University of Pittsburgh. Professor Wang gave a lecture about Pitt’s undergraduate engineering program and career opportunities. SCUPI freshmen, as well as professors and staff, attended the lecture. Dr. Wang delivered five main points:• What is engineering?• What do engineers do?• How do I become an engineer?• What are Mechanical Engineering and Material Science Engineering?• What is the mission of the Swanson School of Engineering at Pitt?

Additionally, Dr. Wang introduced the University of Pittsburgh and the beautiful city of Pittsburgh. According to Dr. Wang, there are four key words for SCUPIANs: design, create, explore, and innovate. These are important for an engineer. At the end of this speech, students and professors in SCUPI held a discussion with Dr. Wang. The lecture revealed the spirit of engineers and engineering, and in the future, SCUPI will have more events like this to help students know more about their subjects. (By Shirley Hu)