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SCUPI – Intel Chengdu Career Experience Day was successfully held

Published on: April 16, 2024 | Views: 380

On the afternoon of April 12, 2024, led by Li Ye, Assistant Dean of Student Affairs, SCUPI, a group of 25 students from the institute, accompanied by professors Dr. Jianzhao Li, Dr. Pingqun Sui, and Career Advisors Ms. Michelle Xue and Ms.Rita Luosang, visited Intel Chengdu for a special open day event.

The purpose of this special experience day event was to allow the students to have a close-up experience of Intel Chengdu’s development history, working atmosphere, understand the responsibilities and future prospects of related positions, and provide more references and insights for the students’ future planning.

Joan Xu, the Manager of Higher Education and Corporate Social Responsibility at Intel China Public Affairs Department, first introduced in detail Intel as a Fortune 500 company, its industrial layout, development philosophy, and corporate culture to the teachers and students. Through Joan’s insightful explanations, the faculty and students of SCUPI learned about Intel’s emphasis on innovation and sustainable development. Subsequently, Yupei Liu, the Higher Education Program Officer at Intel, provided a detailed introduction to the rich higher education cooperation projects at Intel Chengdu, including various competitions, lectures, and corporate open days, encouraging students to actively participate.

Following this, under the guidance of Pearls Chen, the Humanitarian Project Manager at Intel Chengdu, the teachers and students embarked on a Site Tour to experience up close the development history and corporate culture of Intel Chengdu. They learned about Intel’s focus on safety and innovation, and deeply appreciated the sense of social responsibility demonstrated by Intel Chengdu in major disasters such as earthquakes, the COVID-19 pandemic, and in daily volunteer services.

To further acquaint everyone with the job content and career prospects of various positions at Intel Chengdu, Lina Wang, an Intelligent Manufacturing Project Manager, Runner Yang, an Intel Big Data Expert, along with Murphy Wu, an industrial engineering graduate and alumna SCUPI who works at Intel Chengdu, were invited to introduce the revolutionary applications of AI in packaging testing, data science and intelligent manufacturing, and share their experiences and insights working at Intel Chengdu. Murphy, as our graduate alumna, actively assisted in building a cooperation platform between the institute and Intel Chengdu, earned unanimous recognition for outstanding performance, showcasing the proactive attitude and demeanor of our graduate alumni. The students enthusiastically asked questions to the seniors, creating a relaxed and lively atmosphere. Through the seniors’ thoughtful and detailed answers, the students gained further insightful thoughts on the future development of the industry.

At the end of the event, on behalf of our institute, Dr. Ye Li, Assistant Dean, expressed sincere thanks to Intel Chengdu and presented the Intel Chengdu team with a letter of appointment as “Enterprise Career Mentors,” marking a new milestone in the school-enterprise cooperation between both sides. The Intel Chengdu team presented gifts and memorabilia to the faculty and students of the Pittsburgh Institute.

In the future, both parties will continue to actively promote the integration of industry and education and collaborative talent development, engage in multi-level and diversified competitions, course sharing, lecture guidance, and other activities, to jointly contribute to the cultivation of high-quality talents in the field of new engineering disciplines.