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SCUPI 2024 Senior Design Expo

Published on: May 23, 2024 | Views: 281

The annual Senior Design Expo is a great platform for SCUPI’s graduating seniors as they present their innovative projects designed and built during the sequenced Senior Design Courses. Students work in teams to design and test solutions for real-world challenges.

This year’s Expo happens to align with the celebrations around the 10th Anniversary of SCUPI. The Expo was held on May 17 at the Sichuan University Jiang’an South Campus. There were 31 projects exhibited from three different departments: Mechanical Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, and Industrial Engineering.

More than 300 participants, including representatives from industrial partners, alumni, faculty members from other units of the University, prospective students as well as parents of current and potential SCUPI students, gathered together to witness this crucial moment.


Professor Kunpeng Wang giving the opening address

During the Expo, students introduced the detailed information about their engineering design process: exploring research background, conceptualization, analysis, identifying risks and countermeasures, selection, and prototyping.

The projects are based on real-world, open-ended, interdisciplinary challenges. In particular, some projects were closely collaborated with the West China Hospital of Sichuan University, making medical-industrial integration a possibility.

Students presenting their projects


Prior to the unveiling of the winning teams, Professor Minking Chyu, Dean of SCUPI, delivered a speech.

He began by thanking all the staff and volunteer students, honoring the efforts of all the advisors and graduating students, and welcoming guests from partner companies as well as faculty and students from QSI International School. He credited teamwork for making it all happen.

Dean Minking Chyu delivering a speech

There were five awards: the First, Second and Third Prizes, Honorable Mentions as well as Enterprise’s Choice. All audiences voted to determine the winning teams.

The First, Second and Third Prizes were accordingly presented by Dr. Ye Li (Assistant Dean for Student Affairs), Dr. Kang Li (Associate Dean for Research), and Vivi Tang (Director of Administration). The Honorable Mentions were presented by Junhong Xu, Director of Public Affairs for Intel China, who expressed her delight to see the logical thinking, problem solving, and teamwork skills of SCUPI students.

The Enterprise’s Choice Award was voted by the 17 enterprise representatives from Intel, Volvo Cars, and FAW-Volkswagen. This special award was jointly presented by Lina Wang (Intelligent Manufacturing Manager of Intel), Lisa Ou (Human Resources Department of Volvo Cars), and Xiong Luo (Production System Engineer of FAW-Volkswagen).

They expressed their delight to see many interesting projects which showcased students’ critical thinking skills and solid engineering knowledge background. This experience could be the cornerstone of their future growth.

Enterprise representatives sharing comments


First Place

Phase field study of magnetoelectric voltage tunable inductors

Advisor: Liwei Geng

Group Members: Xinyu Xu, Yifan Huang, Wenqin Yue, Yueli Yu

Second Place

Association between diet and sperm quality in southwest China

Advisor: Sophia Zuoqiu

Group Members: Jieru Xu, Rui He, Jingyuan Fu, Hanxiao Jiang

Theoretical study of electromechanical coupling in ferroelectrics

Advisors: Liwei Geng, Zheng Yang

Group Members: Keran Xu, Jiabei Tang, Yinning Zhu, Yuheng Zeng

Third Place

Wearable sensors enabled by flexible electronics for detecting human body motion

Advisor: Shan Gong

Group Members: Fengtang Zhao, Chen Wang

Electric field control of piezoelectric properties in ferroelectric materials: a phase field simulation

Advisors: Liwei Geng, Zheng Yang

Group Members: Jingheng Chai, Yunjie Zhao, Keyu Zhu, Yibing Liao

Examining factors impacting the length of ICU stay and mortality of IBD patients: Using electronic health records data

Advisors: Rong Yin, Xiandi Wang

Group Members: Ke Xu, Jiayi Nie, Yifan Chen, Ziqi Ban、

Honorable Mentions

System integration and control of spine surgery robot

Advisor: Qi Lu

Group Members: Yiwei Cheng, Daiwei Yang, Zhanpeng Sun

Investigation of effects of intercritical annealing temperatures on the stretch flangeability of advanced high strength dual-phase steels

Advisor: Yingjie Wu

Group Members: Junyi Cui, Yuchen Liu, Menglin Zhang, Chenxi Chi

Exploring risk factors and prevention strategies for postoperative cognitive dysfunction: A data-driven approach from the China Surgery and Anesthesia Cohort

Advisors: Di Liu, Guangwu Qian, Huan Song

Group Members: Qingyue Deng, Hanze Qin, Zhenrui Bai,

Enterprise’s Choice

Design and integration of automatic reagent preparation machine

Advisor: Qi Lu

Group Members: Nan Li, Haoyue Deng, Zhihong Liao, Haoming Zhao

The Expo also served as an open day for SCUPI: high school students and parents visited the Expo and received an all-round tour through SCUPI campus.

The SCUPI 2024 Senior Design Expo not only provides a platform for students to show their talents and achievements, but also promotes the communication and cooperation between SCUPI and partnering enterprises, and other units of the Sichuan University.