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iLife Space 智慧工坊

Published on: March 26, 2019 | Views: 5790

智慧工坊 iLife Space

The iLife Space, funded by Sichuan University-Pittsburgh Institute (SCUPI), was born for innovation and entrepreneurship. It is a place for everyone to come and explore their passions using raw materials, tools, technology, repurposed items and imagination.  People can work individually or collaboratively, using technology or drawing on the collective wisdom of those in the room to realize their ideas in iLife. This place is managed by SCUPI Technology and Science Association (TSA) and lab engineers.

Practice Areas

3D Printing

A 3D Printing club has 3D Scanners and 3D printers, which offer enormous potential in creating complex artifacts.

Intelligent Robotics

A robotics club has robot kits, multifunctional mechanical arms and unmanned aerial vehicles, which enable students to touch machine intelligence.

Machine Workshop

A Machine Workshop has lathes, milling machines, drill press and saw, which can be used to produce small parts.

Communication Area

Students share their ideas, cooperate with each other, and grow together in a free atmosphere.


“I was afraid that manufacturing machines are too difficult to use. After the trainings, I had a better understanding of how the machines work and how to operate them. Then it turns out that machines like 3D printer are pretty easy, once you know how to configure the basic parameters.”

—Icey, student who received trainings of 3D printers from iLife Space.


Opening Hours

    WEEKDAYS: 18:30-22:30

    WEEKENDS: 17:00-21:30

Contact Us

QQ Group: 935254037

    Moon Zhang: 13088034830

Join Us and have Fun!