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Event Review – 2022 Commencement

Published on: June 29, 2022 | Views: 707

2022 Commencement of Sichuan University – Pittsburgh Institute was held On June 17th, 2022. Leadership from the School and the Institute, faculty and staff representatives attended the ceremony. 

Under the warm welcome of the audience, Dean of SCUPI Minking Chyu delivered his opening speech. He sincerely congratulated the students on their successful graduation. He encouraged everyone to face more choices in the future, to explore multiple approaches, and to discover a true identify.

In his keynote speech, Vice President of Sichuan University Professor Leye Yao talked about the impact of the epidemic on everyone’s past studies. He praised the students’ spirit of solidarity, brevity and diligence in the face of reality. He highly affirmed the achievements of the Class of 2022 as the fourth cohort of students in the cooperative education between Sichuan University and University of Pittsburgh, denoting that this represents the accomplishment of an innovative higher education model, and sincerely wished graduates all-round success. In the end, he also emphasized that Sichuan University will always be a warm home for everyone.

Vice President and CTO of IoT of Midea Group, and representative of the University of Pittsburgh, Mr. Joshua Xiang sent sincere wishes to the graduates in the form of a video speech. He gave five suggestions to graduates: strong, creative, unique, persistent and intelligent. He encouraged graduates to apply skills learned in SCUPI to exploring a richer life.

Professor Liz Li also sent deep blessings as faculty representative. She encouraged graduates to follow their inner order in face of a changing and complicated world. “Do not take the easy way out. Do not be a slave of your impulses”. 

The exciting awards session followed. Vice President Bin Liang presented awards to honorees of “Outstanding Graduates of Sichuan Province”. They are: Benjy Li, Robin Zhang, Azure Wei, David Ma, Christopher Jin, Michael Yang and Moon Zhang. Deputy Director of Student Affairs Department Li Lu, and Deputy Director of International Office Wen Yuan presented awards of “Outstanding Senior Projects”. The honorees are: Heather Wang, Chelsea Dong, Christopher Jin, Gordon Lou, Owen Chen, Tonya Wu, Azure Wei, Monarch Zhou and Bovin Liu.

After the award ceremony, the conferral ceremony started. Deputy Director of Publicity Department Wei Chen, Associate Dean TZ Mai, Assistant Dean Ye Li lead faculty representatives to confer degrees to 145 graduates on site.

After the conferral ceremony, Robin Zhang, who is going to pursue her PhD degree in Peking University, made a speech as a student representative. She first reviewed the unforgettable four years, and believed that she had achieved unprecedented growth in the unique teaching concept and curriculum system. She represented all the graduates to acknowledge the teachers and parents who helped everyone grow along the way.

At the end of the ceremony, everyone watched the graduate video and graduate performance together. Four songs brought the atmosphere to the climax. After the chorus, Counselor Jen congratulated all the students on their graduation and call for all the graduates to express their sincere thanks to all the staff and faculty. The graduation ceremony ended successfully with strong feelings of reluctance.