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Deepen exchanges and cooperation, expand channels for further education and employment

Published on: April 29, 2024 | Views: 292

On April 28, 2024, Dean Minking Chyu of SCUPI, along with the career advising team Ms. Shuang Xue and Ms. Lan Luo, and the student counseling team, Ms. Zixuan Yin , visited National University of Singapore (NUS) Suzhou Research Institute aiming to advance collaborative education program, enhance the quality of talent cultivation, broaden students’ development paths, and jointly support the cultivation of new engineering talents. Associate Director (Education) Peng Zhang of NUS Suzhou Research Institute, and Education Management Team Wenjuan Chen and Yi Wei warmly welcomed Dean Chyu and SCUPI delegation.

During the discussion, Associate Director Peng Zhang introduced the integration of industry and education, research projects, student cultivation, and the 3+1+1 program at NUS Suzhou Research Institute. Dean Chyu shared the educational mission and achievements of SCUPI. Currently, seven students from the Class of 2020 are participating in the 3+1+1 program at NUS Suzhou Research Institute, making full use of the diverse and international platforms and excellent research and education resources to actively enhance their comprehensive qualities and international competitiveness, fully preparing themselves for further study and employment. In the future, both parties will further expand collaborative programs, strengthen exchanges and visits, learn from each other, and work together to cultivate international talents.