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Dean Chyu and SCUPI faculty and staff visited SCUPI Alumni in Suzhou and Hefei

Published on: April 29, 2024 | Views: 308

Recently, Dean Minking Chyu led SCUPI faculty and staff delegation to visit and extend regards to representatives of our graduating alumni and current students from the Class of 2020 in Suzhou. Accompanying the delegation were members of the career advising team, Ms. Shuang Xue and Ms. Lan Luo, and the student counselor, Ms. Zixuan Yin. Associate Professor Dr. Liwei Geng and Director of Academic Affairs Ms. Yueyue Jia visited graduating alumni in Hefei.

Prioritizing students’ growth and development has steadfastly been the philosophy and practice of SCUPI since its establishment.

This year marks the tenth anniversary of the founding of the SCUPI. In Suzhou, Dean Chyu reflected SCUPI’s struggles, efforts, and unforgettable memories since its inception, extending blessings and expectations to the classmates and alumni on behalf of the Institute. Jinxin Ma, a representative of the Class of 2022, shared his growth experience at SCUPI and expressed heartfelt gratitude to the Institute and its professors for their dedication and mentorship. After graduating from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, he returned to China and engaged in quality management endeavors in Suzhou, inspiring the graduating Class of 2024 who are about to embark on their forthcoming adventures with his narrative.

Since SCUPI started recruiting students in Anhui Province, enthusiastic alumni have been actively involved in promoting enrollment across various high schools in Hefei every June. Many alumni are currently pursuing graduate and doctoral studies at the University of Science and Technology of China. During this gathering, SCUPI alumni exchanged their learning and work experiences with each other. SCUPI anticipates deeper annual interactions with alumni in Hefei and looks forward to alumni homecoming to SCUPI frequently.

Since last year, SCUPI has been fervently promoting the establishment and growth of the alumni association, organizing various alumni activities meticulously, establishing alumni platforms in Beijing, Shanghai, and other places, publishing alumni journals, and fostering a thriving alumni community. More alumni are welcomed to join hands in bolstering the Institute and the University, contributing back and passing on the legacy together.