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Bloom youth and release vitality

Published on: August 30, 2016 | Views: 1660

Author: Scottie SCUPI successfully held its first friendly basketball competition on April 15th , 2016. Class 1 competed against Class 2. Regarded as a significant part of youthful activities with positive energy, this basketball competition fully showed our students out and enhanced team spirit. Girls together with boys took part in the game, and they played free throws during the second quarter which was specially designed for our SCUPI girls. The original design reflected respect to girls and made the game more enjoyable. Our Dean Chyu, most professors and the admin team all came to cheer for players. Players went all out and scored by excellent breakthroughs, wonderful cooperation and accurate shooting. Eventually, Class 2 triumphed with the score 52 to 44. However, players from Class 1 did not give up and their desire for victory really impressed everyone. Demi Yu played admirably in the championship and scored 12 points. Undoubtedly she won the MVP. This basketball championship enriched students’ extracurricular lives, provided SCUPIANs an opportunity to show themselves and enhanced the collective cohesion. SCUPI will be dedicated to organize more colorful recreational and sports activities to improve SCUPIAN’s comprehensive qualities.