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Attention! Check out the 2021 Freshman Cup Shortlist!

Published on: November 19, 2021 | Views: 856

The third Freshman Cup Writing Competition, hosted by Sichuan University-Pittsburgh Institute (SCUPI), is now coming to its mid-competition phase.

This year, more than 1100 freshmen from 33 schools of SCU registered in the competition, and almost 300 essays were received.

Nineteen out of 300 essays were screened out by SCUPI Writing Center faculties. Here is the 2021 Freshman Cup shortlist for you to check out!

2021 Freshman Cup shortlist




















This year, the writing competition topic is “The Change”. Students are supposed to write about their experiences when their previous assumption or understanding were challenged by a new concept or idea. What made this change? How did other people respond to it? What was the result of this change?

From those essays our freshmen submitted, we saw their passion on English writing and their close observation of daily life. A judge from the SCUPI Writing Center told us that she really enjoyed reading these essays, which also made it difficult for her to make the decision.

The aim of The Freshman Cup writing competition is to promote writing, celebrate creativity, as well as to cultivate writing ability of the participating students.

To fulfill this objective, SCUPI offered writing workshops during the competition, focusing on the English writing basics and the procedure of the whole competition. For those who are on the shortlist, there will be a mid-competition workshop on public speaking and presentation skills.

The SCUPI Writing Center is also open for all freshmen participating in this competition to make appointments. This service is aimed not only to answer students’ questions, but also to give them opportunities to practice their speaking English.

In the next phase of the contest, 19 freshmen on the mid-competition shortlist will have a one-hour timed essays competition. After that, 10 of them will be selected for the final competition. First-place, second-place and third-place winners will be awarded 6000rmb, 3000rmb, and 1000rmb respectively.

Judges will participate in the review of the final competition. Apart from the SCUPI Writing Center professors, two guest judges will also contribute their expertise.

Warm Notice:The schedule of the competition and the judge list might change due to the current covid-19 pandemic condition. Related information will be announced on SCUPI Official Website ( and SCUPI WeChat Subscription (SCUPITT).

Author | Joanna Peng, Euphy He

Editor | Euphy He , Joanna Peng