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A Great Success – Senior Project Symposium of the Year 2022

Published on: May 24, 2022 | Views: 622

On May 20th, 2022, the inaugural senior project poster session was held at Sichuan University – Pittsburgh Institute (SCUPI). All senior students presented their design work to all SCUPI faculty and students. 

The purpose of this event is to promote academic communication and train our engineering students to develop presentation skills and inspire SCUPI students for their future study. 

There are 37 senior student teams this year. SCUPI senior project coordinator Dr. TANG Ruoliang opened the inaugural event with a short speech.

One remarkable feature of SCUPI senior projects of this year was the application of Engineering study to medical field. 

With the help of West China Hospital, our students did their researches in such directions as medical equipment reliability, medical imaging analysis, medical test automation, and operation room process optimization.  These projects not only show our students’ innovation but have practical application in clinical study as well.

SCUPI faculty and students selected one First prize, one Second prize and one Third prize, and three Honorable Mentions by online voting system. 

The winners are:

First Prize

Anomaly Prediction of CT Equipment Based on IoTM Data

Team members: WU Tong, WEI Lan, ZHOU Haopeng, LIU Haowen

Advisor: WANG Changxi

Second Prize

Reliability Modeling of Spine Vertebra Based on Medical Image Time Series Data

Team members: YANG Xingjian, ZHANG Zelong, WANG Ximeng, LI Jintao

Advisor: WANG Changxi

Third Prize

The 6 Degrees of Freedom Unified Tracking Controller for a Tilt-Rotor Multi-Rotor Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Based on The Unit Dual Quaternion

Team members: JIN Liu Chao, LOU Yuchen, CHEN Lu’an

Advisor: LU Qi

Honorable Mentions

Brian-compute Interface System Based on CSP and SVM with Monitor Imaginary

Team members: JIANG Xinwen, GUO Linyi, XIE Mingcong, YAN Binjie

Advisors: YANG Zheng, Cheong Fok, Charles Hua

Explore the Relationship Between Music Rhythm and Emotion Based on EEG Signal Processing

Team members: LIU Han, ZHANG Jingyu, LUO Junhua, ZHAO Yunlong

Advisors: YANG Zheng, XU Jin

Anomaly Detection of MRI Equipment Based on IoTM Data

Team members: MA Jinxin, YAN Yun, FEI Haoyi, YU Jiahui

Advisor: WANG Changxi

On the Awarding Ceremony, Dean Chyu pointed out that SCUPI senior projects emphasized more on the design, teamwork, innovations, and industrial applications. 

The 2022 Senior Project Symposium was a milestone for our institute. He thanked all the students and advisors for their hard work in senior projects.

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Photographer: Media Center、Jen Yang、Juan Peng