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SCUPI follows the engineering core curriculum and credit system of the University of Pittsburgh’s four-year undergraduate program. With a total of approximately 160 credits, students take about 130 required credits and 30 elective credits, which include courses in humanities and social sciences, English language and literature, and technical elective courses. All courses are taught in English apart from a few general education courses provided by Sichuan University. To ensure their success in this teaching and learning environment, students receive intensive English training during their first year.

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To facilitate their academic journey, all first-year SCUPIANS will be enrolled in the foundational courses including English for STEM 1, Analytical Geometry and Calculus 1&2, Introduction to Engineering 1 and General Chemistry for Engineers 1 and Recitation to ENGR.  A more comprehensive curriculum arrangement for each major is available at SCUPI's official website.

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