Sichuan University-Pittsburgh Institute (SCUPI)

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The Sichuan University – Pittsburgh Institute (SCUPI) is a new academic entity jointly established by Sichuan University (SCU) and the University of Pittsburgh (Pitt). SCUPI realizes the new archetype of institute-scale, collaborative entities between leading universities in the U.S. and China. The Institute is one of five large-scale partnerships between an American and a Chinese university. SCUPI is designed to follow an international model and thus merges the advantages of both universities in its mission, curriculum, teaching, and educational resources. SCUPI aims to provide a world-class engineering education that focuses on design innovation with an international outlook.

Students joining SCUPI will gain unique academic experience that combines research with education, professionalism with academics, and eastern with western approaches. All courses at SCUPI will be taught in English. The program design and curriculum encourage active learning, creative thinking, teamwork, and leadership.

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