Ruoliang (Rio) Tang

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Assistant Professor


Ph.D. (Industrial and Systems Engineering), Auburn University

M.S. (Management Science), Beijing Institute of Technology

B.E. (Industrial Engineering), Beijing Institute of Technology

EXPERIENCE: Auburn University, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee



Dr. Tang joined SCUPI in 2020 after serving as the senior research fellow at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. His current research interests include occupational biomechanics, workplace ergonomics, job evaluation, workplace interventions for work-related musculoskeletal disorders (WMSDs), and personalized modeling of human spinal structures and paraspinal muscles.


1.Occupational Biomechanics

2.Workplace Ergonomics

3.Modeling Human Musculoskeletal System

4.Human-machine Interface and Coordination




3.Applied Anatomy

4.Human Factors


1. Ruoliang Tang; Jay M Kapellusch; Kurt T Hegmann; Matthew S Thiese; Inga Wang; Andrew S Me rryweather ; Evaluating different measures of low back pain among U.S. manual materials handling workers: comparisons of demographic, psychosocial, and job physical exposure, Human factors, 2022 , 64(6): 973-996

2. Ruoliang Tang; Celal Gungor; Richard F. Sesek; Kenneth Bo Foreman; Sean Gallagher; Gerard A. Davis ; Morphometry of the lower lumbar intervertebral discs and endplates: comparative analys es of new MRI data with previous findings, European Spine Journal, 2016, 25(12): 4116-4131

3. Ruoliang Tang; Maggie Poklar; Hilary Domke; Stephanie Moore; Jay Kapellusch; Arun Garg ; Sit-to-stand lift: effects of lifted height on weight borne and upper extremity strength requirem ents, Research in Nursing and Health, 2016, 40(1): 9-14

4. Ruoliang Tang; Margaret Holland; Michelle Milbauer; Elise Olson; Janelle Skora; Jay M.Kap ellusch; Arun Garg ; Biomechanical evaluations of bed-to-wheelchair transfer: gait belt versus wa lking belt, Workplace Health & Safety, 2018, 66(8): 384-392

5. Celal Gungor; Ruoliang Tang; Richard F.Sesek; Gerard A.Davis; Sean Gallagher ; Regression models for the erector spinae muscle (ESM) cross-sectional area (CSA): asymptomatic populations, Journal of Biomechanical Engineering, 2019, 141(8): 81009