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2017 Recognition Night successfully held by SCUPI
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On the evening of June 29th, the 2017 Recognition Night, hosted by Sichuan University Pittsburgh Institute (SCUPI), was successfully held at the International Conference Hall of Sichuan University - Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Institute for Disaster Management and Reconstruction. Minking Chyu (Dean of SCUPI), Wang Jie (Dean of manufacturing and engineering school of Sichuan University), Ivy Chen (Associate Dean for Administration of SCUPI), Michael Reed (Associate Dean for Academics of SCUPI ), Vivi Tang (Director of Administration of SCUPI), the teaching and administration staff, the class of 2015 and 2016 student representatives, as well as some parents attended this ceremony. 

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Recognition Night is a ceremony which aims to praise the students who have excellent academic achievements and good performance in competitions, and also to thank the faculty and staff who made great contributions to the institute. This ceremony also announced the list of 2017 2+2 transfer students and celebrated the three year anniversary of SCUPI. 

Chapter 1 Recognition for Students 

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The students who were recognized as the most improved students and distinguished academic performance were basically selected according to the recommendations provided by professors and the students academic performance. There were also three students recognized for distinguished all-around performance, as they demonstrated excellent logical thinking ability, leadership and responsibility, etc. The list below contains the students with great academic performance recognized by our institute. 

  Most Improved Student: Huiya Chen, Yuankang Wang 

  Distinguished Academic Performance: Yafu Ruan, Lanxuan Zhao, Hekai Xu 

  Distinguished All-Around Performance: Abner Yukun Liu, Scottie Yiyang Wu, Gangnam Nanjiang

In order to enable students to put the knowledge they have learned into practice, SCUPI encourages students to take part in all kinds of academic related competitions. The list below shows the students who had good achievements in competitions in the past two years. 

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  Robotics: Yukun Liu, Gongyuan Liu, Wenxiang Qian, Sijia Rong, Yang Yu, Xinfu Su 

  IET PATW (Present Around the World): Yiqi Tian 

  The Mathematical Contest in Modeling: Nan Jiang, Yiyang Wu 

 NECCS (National English Contest for College Students): Ruirui Wang, Enshi Wang, Zhefan Xu, Xingjian Chen, Yiyang Wu, Yukun Liu 

 Physics (National College Student Physics Competition): Ruifeng Hu

Chapter 2 Recognition for Faculty & Staff

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Recognition night also praised the professors and administrators who made great contributions to SCUPI. Listed below are the faculty and staff staff who were recognized for distinguished service. 

 Distinguished ServiceDr. Tiburcio, Dr. Chien, Ms. Zhou 

Chapter 3 Farewell to 2017 2+2 Transfer Students

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SCUPI provides a variety of degree programs and support for qualified students to finish their undergraduate studies. This year, over 35% of students in the class of 2015 will transfer to top universities overseas (including Carnegie Mellon University, South California Universities and Pittsburgh University) to complete their undergraduate studies. During the ceremony, Associate Dean Ivy Chen announced the list of 2+2 transfer students (class of 2015) and gave them a mascot of SCUPI as well as a letter from Sichuan University President and Academician Xie Heping. 

Chapter 4 Celebrating SCUPIs Third Anniversary 

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On the night of the event, it was also the third anniversary of SCUPI. Dean Chyu delivered a speech. As he pointed out, the 2017 2+2 transfer students represented the result of the talent cultivation of SCUPI and the internalization of the engineering education of SUCPI. He also said that he hoped our students can make full use of the academic resources provided by SCUPI and strive to become great future engineers. 

Translator: Fannie Yang   Editor: Albert Evans

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