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Create, Design & Enjoy"SCUPI Derby" Competition
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The finals of the SCUPI Derby were held in Room 208, Sichuan University - Pittsburgh institute on December 22th, 2016. With all SCUPI sophomore students involved, students were divided into 24 groups in this competition, which took two days. Not only did this competition help students put their knowledge into practice but provided a valuable platform to show students creativity.

Intro to Mechanical Design course this semester provides students with the basic theory and capability support for designing models. In this competition, students designed every part of the car using a computer application called Solid Works. Then the car parts were printed and assembled by students with hours of polishing and modifying. Eventually, every car competed on the track after the exhibition. Competition categories included distance traveled and speed. In the preliminary contest, the top three groups in each class sprinted into the final. These groups checked their cars carefully and printed some spare parts as backup just in case.

At the scene of the final, students gathered around both sides of the track, looking forward to the fierce competition. The distance was the major criteria, with speed considered as well. Being well-designed and modified, the cars had fascinating performance, and the majority of them were able to succeed in the first round. Later in the second run, every car showed its character and shuttled rapidly on the track. 

In the end, the car of B2 group, which is called Watermelon Armored Car, won the first prize due to its high running speed. Unfortunately, some cars had accidents during the competition, which was a typical instance to emphasize the significance of stability in mechanical design.

This competition demonstrates a transformation from knowledge to practice for SCUPI sophomore students. It helps us recognize the infinite power of knowledge, and reaffirm our vow to be a new generation of contemporary China "innovative knowledge-based craftsmen."

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