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SCUPI Students Win at Engineering Competition
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On December 10th, the Fifth National College Student Engineering Competition of Sichuan Division was held at Southwest Petroleum University, hosted by the Sichuan Provincial Department of Education. Two groups from Sichuan University C Pittsburgh Institute won prizes in their debut performance.




This competition had four sessions, including mechanical product design, manufacturing process and analysis, as well as project management. As reported, a total of 197 teams from 19 different universities participated in the competition. Two SCUPI teams participated in the 4th session C All terrain car design competition and achieved excellent results.

This was the first time for SCUPIans participating in technological competitions. Before the competition, all team players tried their best to enrich their knowledge, exercise engineering practice and actively develop the spirit of innovation and teamwork. Finally, combined with the performance of the field assembly, design reports, and obstacle crossing capability, SCUPI teams did their best and won one first prize and one third prize.

The Challenger car designed by Liu Yukun, Rong Sijia and Yu Yang won First Prize (total score ranked 3/30), and the Fearless car designed by Liu Gongyuan, Qian Wenxiang and Su Xinfu won Third Prize.


Participating in science and technology competitions will not only enhance students teamwork and innovation ability, but also develop the pioneer spirit. Encouraged by the success in this competition, SCUPI will actively participate in more scientific and technological competitions and make persistent efforts to earn glory.

Author: Jerry Rong, Dong Liang

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