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Students are initially grouped according to their majors. Each group is led by one faculty and one administrator mentor. The Advising System aims to provide suggestions in terms of majors, courses, academic planning, research projects, internships, time management skills, leadership development and so on. Traditional advising is more academic-oriented. However, the Mentoring/Advising System at SCUPI provides more individualized guidance through one-on-one consultation and group activities. Along with interaction between mentor/advisor and mentee/students, peer advising also encourages sharing academic interests, career goals, social events etc.

Peer Advisor

Experienced students volunteer to serve as peer advisors to freshmen students, offering the perspective of someone who has been where you are now. Peer advisors can share with you how they formed meaningful mentoring relationships with faculty, assist you in navigating online registration and help you learn to distinguish what is merely popular from what is individually meaningful to you. They also share with freshman on how to juggle classes, study effectively, manage time, and choose the best enrichment opportunities.

What do peer advisors do?

Peer advisors provide general information to engineering undergraduates about university and college requirements and procedures concerning registration, deadlines, research and leadership opportunities, student organizations, campus resources and special events. Peer advisors also meet with prospective students and lead workshops throughout each semester.

What will you obtain from being a peer advisor?

⑴ Develop transferable skills like communication, coordination, teamwork, problem-solving, etc.

⑵ Enrich your CV and graduate application

⑶ Obtain extra points when applying for scholarships and other awards

⑷ Enjoy a colorful and meaningful college life by helping others

⑸ Official Volunteering Certificate from SCUPI

How to become our SCUPI Peer Advisors


★GPA: 3.0 or above

★Rich experience in academics, extracurricular activities and with other specialties/talents.

★Familiar with SCUPI and SCU’s campus life

★Willing to help, easygoing, good communication skills

Application Process

★Fill in the application form

★Qualified candidates will be invited for interview

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