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Internal Transfers 

The internal transfer process is for students enrolled at the Sichuan University who apply for admission to transfer into SCUPI.  This process applies to any SCU students outside of SCUPI. Prospective internal transfer students are encouraged to explore the college's major and degree options prior to applying.  Each degree contains unique requirements.  Interested students Welcome to join SCUPI!

How to Apply:

When can you apply for transfer: September 9-10

Where to submit your application: SCUPI Admin Office or the SCUPI booth at Qingchun Square

What do you need for application: Submit the transfer application and a profile photo to SCUPI staff

Admission Dates: September 13-14

What you need to do: Qualified students will be invited for admission tests and a personal interview. The tests include english and math tests (paper-based). 

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